(Limited Edition Artist Book - Ed. 100, Numbered)
8” x 10”, 30 pages

Can I Play With You? is my latest book made in collaboration with my 6-year-old daughter Futura.
The book sets another chapter in my ongoing exploration of contemporary imaging, visual vernacular, and the stereotypical language induced by mass media. Futura's drawings are paired with my photographs, creating subtle intergenerational conversations that expand into open narratives.
The images were printed on card stock in an edition of 100 during my artist residency at the RisoLAB in July 2022.

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(Limited Edition Artist Book - Ed. 100, Signed and Numbered)
9” x 12”, 68 pages

Digital Deli is a 68-page book meant to explore today's visual vernacular and the circulation of images. Through inventive use of page spreads and assembly, individually sized card stock pages with full-color images lay in a variety of combinations to recombine narrative between images. Ultimately, the book investigates the identity of photography as a medium and challenges its conventions and the related expectations of the viewer.

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Musica da Discoteca Vol.3
(Limited Edition 12” Vinyl Record, 300 copies)

“Musica da Discoteca Vol.3” is the third and last 12” of a series of EPs by l’oggeto exploring the musical
connection between NY, Chicago, Detroit, and the Italian Riviera.
Percussive grooves, ethereal pads, bouncy basslines, sharp stabs, and digital flutes interweave in these 4
new tracks, to create a oneiric trip in the deepest areas of underground house music.

$ 16 - BUY

Musica da Discoteca Vol.2
(Limited Edition 12” Vinyl Record, 300 copies)

“Musica da Discoteca Vol.2” is the second of a series of EPs where maro Scozzaro AKA l’oggetto explores the musical connection between Italy, Chicago, Detroit, and New York. Deep bass, dirty grooves, dreamy pads, and obsessive samples build up in these 4 new tracks, as an homage to underground dance music from the ‘90s.

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Musica da Discoteca Vol.1
(Limited Edition 12” Vinyl Record, 200 copies)

With his electronic music project l’oggetto, Marco Scozzaro creates underground house music, with a jazz vibe, a funk groove, and a certain Italo flavor.
Musica da Discoteca Vol.1 is his first record and the first of a series of three EPs to share unreleased tracks that have laid inside his MPC for too long.
Published by MKDF Records, the label he co-founded.

$ 16 - BUY

(Exhibition Catalog)

Exhibition catalog designed by Marco Scozzaro, of his solo show curated by Luca Panaro at FMAV in Modena, Italy. In a creative process that bridges different generations of artists, this book presents Scozzaro’s work in conversation with iconic images taken from the museum’s archive, such as Fiorucci stickers, unseen photographs by Olivo Barbieri and Luigi Ghirri, rare drawings by Aldo Rossi and Alessandro Mendini, a ceramic by Ettore Sottsass, a carpet by Cesare Leonardi, and a sculpture by Mimmo Paladino.

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(Pamphlet/Poster, Signed)
6” x 9” - 18” x 24”

Part Silent Face Projects’ Scattered Material series - “Digital Deli - Marco Scozzaro” is a pamphlet for your leisure time and a poster that will fit perfectly in your teenage bedroom or your office waiting room.

$ 5 - BUY


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